By Yavanna Kementari.

A Google search recognises Brisbane based Peter Kenny as one of the “World’s biggest Tolkien/Hobbit fans”. https://www.google.com.au/#q=world’s+biggest+Tolkien+fan

Peter is a kindred spirit who aims to share his wonderful knowledge of the Tolkien Universe through presentations, stories, songs and his many and varied resources.   He is currently seeking sponsors, donations and publicity to support his educational and charity fundraising initiatives. Please read the following profile and consider supporting Peter’s continuing work.

Peter has been a fan of Tolkien’s books since the mid 1970’s and has been recognised by Tolkien scholars and collectors worldwide as an authority of the stories and a specialist on the subject of collectables.

Over the years Peter has amassed one of the most diverse Tolkien collections in the world including rare artefacts, books, art and movie memorabilia that would appeal to many different interests.

One of Peter’s major collectables is a world famous model Hobbit Hole (Maddie’s Hobbit Hole) which is available for display at major venues. In 2013 The Hobbit Hole has been exhibited at The Queensland Museum.

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In 2010, 2011 and 2012 Peter travelled throughout Europe and was a guest speaker at a number of conventions and festivals where he talked about various Tolkien related subjects, presented Hobbit entertainment and conducted activity workshops.

Locally, Peter has presented to adults and children at Libraries, conventions and business functions. Visiting schools, Peter presents Hobbit related activities in Poetry writing, songs, art and stories.

As a regular visitor to New Zealand since 2010 to visit Movie Locations, Peter has made lasting friendships with a number of people involved directly or indirectly with the production of Peter Jackson’s movies. These contacts have been beneficial to The Brisbane Tolkien Fellowship in the way of prize donations to assist with their fundraising initiatives. In 2014, Peter has been invited to attend a major fan Convention in Wellington as a guest panellist.

Writing short stories and poems inspired by Tolkien’s Middle-earth is one of Peter’s leisure activities and to date he has written about thirty. Some of his poems have been illustrated and published as a promotional gift booklet in association with his presentations. One of his poems was the subject of two paintings by internationally acclaimed Tolkien artist, Ruth Lacon. Some of his poems and stories have been published in Tolkien related overseas journals and books.

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Peter is the director of a non-profit Foundation which is the fundraising arm of the local Brisbane Tolkien Fellowship. During the year the Fellowship has raised funds at various functions and the money raised has been donated to the Pyjama Foundation. The future plan is to continue that association to realise the Fellowship’s goal of supporting children’s education through literacy.

Peter’s Facebook page Hobbits, the Smallest of People and the Brisbane Tolkien Fellowship’s page combined, have over 5 000 followers worldwide. This year, 2013, the Fellowship held a Charity Dinner Dance called, “An Evening in Middle-earth”. 132 guests attended and the event was live streamed on the internet capturing an overseas audience of over 500 viewers. The Pyjama Foundation is the recipient of over $3000 due to the event.

Peter and The Brisbane Tolkien Fellowship are seeking publicity, grants and sponsorship to assist with continuing educational initiatives and fundraising events. A desired goal is to raise his profile and that of the Brisbane Tolkien Fellowship. The Brisbane Tolkien Fellowship has a number of talented members, including musicians, artists, costume makers and IT experts, who are keen to share their education and entertainment initiatives with schools, children charities, events and the Children’s Hospital. All profits from any functions and presentations will be channelled to the Fellowship’s nominated Children’s Charity.


To achieve future education and fund raising goals Brisbane needs to become aware that Peter is one of the world’s biggest fans and is an authority and an experienced presenter on the subject of Tolkien’s world and also that there is a group of talented people in Brisbane who are readily available to dress in costumes and entertain audiences young and old in a humorous and educational way.

If you are interested in supporting Peter’s charity and educational initiatives, please leave a message or contact us by email.

Yavanna Kementari.


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