What makes the World’s biggest Tolkien/Hobbit fan?

Last year I wrote an article about Peter Kenny, and I just wanted to update what our passionate Brisbane Hobbit has been pursuing this year.

Recently there was a Hobbit Competition which fans could enter and they had to fulfil a number of digital tasks. I asked Peter had he entered, but he informed me he did not have the time to pursue the criteria to enter.

In the months of July, August, September, Peter was organising Hobbit/Tolkien events here in Brisbane for local fans to enjoy. The events included Library visits, A Hobbit Picnic, Middle-earth Barefoot Bowls and a Charity Dinner Dance called “An Evening in Middle-earth”.

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During this period he was also writing and editing poems and stories for an upcoming publication in the New Year. Peter has been collaborating with people overseas organising, artwork, manuscripts and layouts for this publication. This pending publication has been a dream of his for a few years now and it is now all coming to fruition. I know that I will be looking forward to his illustrated book when it is published.

One of Peter’s joys is presenting The Hobbit with pictures and songs to children at Libraries and in schools. Although I have not attended one of his Children’s Story Time Presentations, I can only imagine the enjoyment for the children, because I have memories of Peter presenting The Hobbit to my class when I was a child.


Although the media here has labelled Peter as The World’s Biggest Fan he is humble enough to realise that there are others who are probably just as enthusiastic, if not more than he is.

However, when you meet a person who is as passionate about Tolkien as he is, you can easily believe he comes close to being the “Biggest Fan”.

Peter has more Library Presentations planned in the near future and is organising a Brisbane Tolkien Booth Display and a Hobbit Hole presentation for the Supanova Convention here in Brisbane on the last weekend of November.

Just about every day of his life he is working on something related to Tolkien’s World. Writing poems and stories, planning presentations and events, and reading Tolkien and related works are his passions.

Not only is Peter an expert on the works of Tolkien, but he has one of the most comprehensive Tolkien collections in the world.

Being acknowledged as one of the biggest fans of J.R.R. Tolkien and The Hobbit I believe he is.

I am proud to say that I am a former student of “Mr Proudfoot” and am richer for the experience of our continuing friendship.

Stephanie Cotterell.

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