Win Super Prizes for Charity

There will be three special draws to give away these three fabulous prizes at our fundraising Dinner Dance, An Evening in Middle-earth, on October 4th.

• Panda Pearls, value AU$650

• RedCarpet Tours New Zealand, value 10% off any 14 day Movie Locations tour you book.

• Rover Tours Wellington Day Tour for two people to Movie Locations in and around Wellington. Value, NZ$380

To enter these special draws, donate $10.00 or more to our Fortinbras Proudfoot Esq. Foundation which raises funds for the education of children in foster and statutory care.
The prizes have been donated to The Brisbane Tolkien Fellowship.
To donate,
• click on HOME in the bar above and go to the bottom of that page and then press the DONATE button.
• This will take you to the Fortinbras Proudfoot PayPal account.
• Nominate the prize you wish to enter for where it says “special instructions to recipient” as you make your donation and you will receive ten entries in that draw.(you can nominate more than one and your entries will be shared into each nominated. ( E.g. 4-3-3 or 5-5…You can donate multiples of $10 for more chances.)
• When you have made your donation an email is sent to Proudfoot’s email account and your name will then be recorded for the draw.
• All prizes can be posted to any address anywhere worldwide. e.g. last year prizes went to the US and Canada.


Creating a Brighter Future for Children in Care.
Letter to:
Brisbane Tolkien Fellowship
Fortinbras Proudfoot Esquire Foundation
26th March, 2014
Dear Peter ,
When people ask me what difference a donation can make, I tell them that donations to The Pyjama Foundation will truly transform lives. Carers have told me with tears in their eyes what a difference it has made to their foster children to have a Pyjama Angel in their life.
And behind every one of these children there are compassionate people like you dedicated to helping. Thank you.
Our lovely morning tea meeting and your generous donation of $2500.00 will help children in care to have a brighter future, improving their educational outcomes and increasing their connections in the community. And this is what is changing their life, now and into the future.
When you consider the volunteer-based nature of our program, it’s also good to know that every dollar donated to The Pyjama Foundation goes a really long way. In fact, a recent Social Return on Investment Assessment found that every $1:00 donated to the foundation in the financial year created a community impact of $4.86.

Of course, it is the impact on the children that is most important:
“Our angel has made sure reading and learning is fun.” ~ Foster Carer
“It has helped me be more confident and better at reading.” – Foster Child

Together we are working towards a future where these vulnerable children have overcome their traumatic backgrounds and have bright, positive, full lives. Your donation is helping to make this vision a reality. On behalf of all of us here at The Pyjama Foundation, I want to thank you deeply for your kindness and generosity. Supporters like you give me genuine hope for all our futures.
Warm regards,
Mrs Bronwyn Sheehan – Founder and Executive Director

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