What do Hobbits eat for second breakfast?

Have you ever wondered what Bilbo, Frodo, Samwise or the other hobbits eat for second breakfast? Maybe its one of these scrumptious Hobbit Hole Door Sandwich Cookies. Even the name is a mouthful.

Chris-Rachael describes her creation as “.. a geektastic take on peanut butter and chocolate sandwich cookies.”

The bottom layer is a red velvet cookie. The red velvet gives us a nice, chocolaty base while also providing bricks for the doorframe.

The door itself is made from a slightly smaller green peanut butter cookie with coarse lines drawn through it to represent the wood.
Glue the two together with Nutella and you have an addictive chocolate peanut butter cookie sandwich that also happens to pass for the doorway to a Hobbit Hole. I finished mine off with a yellow Smarties candy knob.

Full details can be found on the Chris-Rachael Oseland website


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