Tolkien Reading Day and BTF meeting: March 25th 2013

Tomorrow March 25 is Tolkien Reading Day:

Today, Sunday, March 24, the Brisbane Tolkien Fellowship is celebrating with Afternoon Tea at Proudfoot’s Place.

During the afternoon:

  • we will hold a meeting about our upcoming events

  • Read excerpts from Tolkien’s writings

  • Video the event.

  • Information Leaflet for members, re: Tolkien Reading Day (added below)

March 24th, 2013 – Meeting Agenda.

To discuss…

People to take charge of these to organise.

People to add suggestions for these.

People to support these.

  • Family and Friends Barbecue…venue for Easter Monday is at Colmslie Beach.
  • Hobbit Hole in Queensland Museum…Collectomania opens Wednesday 27th, 10 am.
  • Supanova, 19th-21 April…volunteers to set up and take down display….final numbers, who and when. Pick up and return Hobbit Hole?
  • Supanova…19-21 April, Badges, raffle, fund raising, etc.
  • Costume Party…May 11…
  • Charity Dinner Dance, October 12…Amy, Venue, etc.  Who is coming? Donations, advertising, tickets.
  • Lord of the Rings movie viewing day…Venue?
  • Meet and Greet Day…can we organise one before September….avoid clashing with Abbey Museum.
  • QPAC Bookings…who wants tickets/ No group discounts, but if we book as a group we save multiple handling fees of 9.95 each.
  • Creating a web site to share news;. Miles… Regular video, Do we shut down one fb page?
  • Publishing a Monthly Newsletter;  On the Web Site, with links to it.
  • An Account has been set up with ANZ. Myself and accountant are signatories…need a third party to book-keep accounts (for transparency) …Ben?
  • Pyjama Foundation and have asked two others about distributing books, games, etc.
  • December 7th – 21st 2013, 2nd Hobbit Premiere Tour….waiting to hear from NZ about group discounts.
  • Book Published
  • Meeting Monday, re promotions, etc.


Events proposed for 2013.

  • Easter Monday 1st April, Family Barbecue Lunch, New Farm Park (suggested location)
  • April 19-21, Supanova Gold Coast, Display stall and fundraising.
  • Saturday 18th May, Costume Party and Dinner, 7:00 p.m. 12 Chevalier St, McDowall.
  • Sunday June 9, All Day Lord of the Rings Extravaganza, Venue to be decided.(suggested)
  • Saturday July 13, One Man Lord of the Rings, QPAC… Group booking to be investigated.
  • Saturday Oct 5, 6:30 p.m. The Two Towers, Qld Symphony, QPAC…Group Booking?
  • Saturday October 12, Costume Ball and Dinner, Fundraising Event, Venue to be decided.
  • November 8-10, Supanova Brisbane, Display stall and fundraising.
  • December 7th – 21st 2013, 2nd Hobbit Premiere Tour – 14 day tour, Auckland to Queenstown  in NZ includes , Hobbiton, Movie locations, Premiere Costume Party and Red Carpet Premiere in Wellington. I can arrange discounts for a group with travel costs and tour costs. (Imagine a big group travelling together on a flight, all in costume.)

Tolkien Reading Day

It all came about because a New York journalist, Sean Kirst, enquired whether there was such a thing as a “Tolkien Reading Day”.

That enquiry was sent to the Tolkien Society in January 2002. The then committee liked the idea and after a certain amount of discussion picked March 25thas “Tolkien Reading Day”. The rest, as they say, is history!

Why Choose March 25?

There are two obvious dates that could have been chosen: Tolkien’s birthday: January 3rd; and Bilbo & Frodo’s birthday: September 22nd. However, both of those dates already have events happening on them. There is the Birthday Toast on Tolkien’s birthday; in September there is Oxonmoot in the UK and other societies around the world also have events on or close to that date.

The next thought was to go equidistant between the two dates: which comes out as mid-May or mid-November. But there was a tag-line to that suggestion:

Or we go for a good date from the books, such as Downfall of Sauron (March 25th).

Well, we chewed the fat as committee do, with comments like:

Other factors affecting date: I think a school day would be good (we could suggest that a passage be read at assembly if they still have such things). I like the ‘equidistant’ suggestion, preferring May as that’s the longer gap (in November, Christmas is looming, and the Birthday comes as a nice finishing event to the holidays, so it seems as if it’s just a few weeks away! In May, the whole summer stretches out before Oxonmoot.

So the following suggestion was made:

March 25th: Downfall of Sauron

It is a date of renewal: the change from fear and oppression to new hope and, in the tradition of Gondor from then onwards, the New Year. Re-reading Tolkien (or, for many, reading him for the first time) will be an act of renewal and refreshing their appreciation of his works.

The TS, and we are sponsoring this project, doesn’t yet have an event in March;

A reading event will probably be an indoor activity (though not exclusively, of course), March, certainly in the Northern Hemisphere, is more suited to indoors than out. The other dates (May & June in particular) would be better served with something outdoors.

It was decided that to do it properly there wasn’t enough time to organise one for 2002. So, the first “Tolkien Reading Day” was scheduled for March 25th, 2003.

(Excerpt from The Tolkien Society)


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