Tolkien Reading Day Wrap-Up

On Sunday, 24th March, The Brisbane Tolkien Fellowship celebrated Tolkien Reading Day with Afternoon Tea at Proudfoot’s Place.

During the afternoon members read excerpts from Tolkien’s works which we videoed fro publication in the following days.

The video has been sent to Middle-earth News and can be viewed there or on

Also during the afternoon we had a meeting to discuss our upcoming events for 2013. (see minutes below).


Members who contributed readings during the afternoon included:

Peter “Proudfoot” Kenny;

Trevor “Longshanks” Wheate;

Robin Dinnan;

Phillip Jackson;

Lynne Gryphon;

Amy Bechly;

Miles Whiticker;

and harp performance by Christine Wheate .

Special thanks to Miles and Lynne who recorded the readings on video.

Look for our video produced and edited by Miles on The Middle-earth Network and later on Youtube in the coming days.

We hope you enjoy it.

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