The last four weeks has been an exciting time for this Hobbit and all fans of The Hobbit.

It all started with a visit to New Zealand, including the Hobbiton Movie Set outside Matamata, other movie locations in the North Island and a number in and around Wellington.









We celebrated an early Christmas in New Zealand at Greytown in the company of fellow travellers.



On the 21st of December, came The Release of the Hobbit Trailer:

The trailer is awesome and leads to a number of interesting Questions… E.g.

What were the ruins Gandalf was walking through and with whom was he fighting?

What other questions does the trailer raise?








This release included a Special TV appearance on New Zealand National TV News by yours truly:

Christmas treat for Hobbit fans | Breaking & Daily News, Sport & Weather | TV ONE, TV2 | TVNZ



In Wellington our host jack invited us to a meeting with other local and overseas visitors…all fans of Tolkien’s world.


While we were travelling, The Hobbit – Behind the Scenes Production Video Blog #5 was also released: Sneak peeks of Dwarves, barrels, dancing Hobbits, Hobbiton, Frodo and Bilbo.

We want More!







Back at home we celebrated Christmas with family and friends….

And then the New Year.


Recently, there has been Hobbit Trailer Music:

A little suite based on Howard Shore’s new music for the Hobbit. It uses the new themes that can be heard in the trailer along with some well known themes from the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. There are also a few variations on some of them. This can be viewed on saysnobody’s Channel…Germany


On OneRingNet came the unearthing of the first animated Hobbit…This is unbelievable. There has been a big change to the story line including, Bilbo falls in love.

This is a must view.



For all the latest Hobbit and Lord of the Rings News, visit …


Now I am working on plans to take The Hobbit Hole overseas later in the Year. As there are several overseas fans who have expressed a desire to view the Hobbit Hole, we are searching for sponsorship to make this a reality. If you can help let us know…we want to share the joy of viewing this amazing model.  To see it now follow this link…









We sincerely hope everyone has had a great start to the New Year.

We finish with one of Proudfoot’s Poems about something Hobbits have a passion for…




Four hobbit lads set out.

The air it made them shiver,

The moon was just a sliver.


There was no one about.

They crept along the hedgerow,

Staying quiet and keeping low.


A strange noise in the night.

An old owl in a tree top,

Had startled them to a stop.


Lights shining through the trees.

The farmer’s house was alight,

But their goal was now in sight.


So little time to pick.

There were mushrooms all around.

The youngsters grabbed all they found.

Bark!… Bark!

The farm dogs were awake.

Four Hobbit lads took to flight,

Running quickly through the night.

Run!… Run!

This wasn’t so much fun.

Racing frightened down the lane,

Safely home they hoped to gain.

Hip!… Hooray!

“We whistled all the way.

Found the mushrooms in the park,

And bravely walked in the dark.

Nothing frightened us at all!”

Well, that’s the story they told to all.

                           Fortinbras Proudfoot

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