The Hobbit and Other Notes… 6

“You are come to the very edge of the Wild, as some of you may know. Hidden somewhere ahead of us is the fair valley of Rivendell where Elrond lives in the Last Homely House. I sent a message by my friends, and we are expected.”

The Shire: 

In 2758 of the Third Age, The Terrible Long Winter had a devastating effect on the Shire. During this cold period and the following famine of The Days of Dearth which followed until 2760 T.A., it is recorded that thousands of Hobbits died.

It was during this time that the wizard Gandalf came to the aid of the Hobbits and he became fond of them and began to follow their affairs closely. Gandalf was endeared to them by their courage and the way they helped one another throughout this awful period. It is admitted by Gandalf that it was their courage and resilience which eventually led to his choosing of Bilbo to join the Quest of Erebor.

And then there was the Shire-folk. I began to have a warm place in my heart for them in the Long Winter, which none of you can remember. They were very hard put to it then: one of the worst pinches they have been in, dying of cold, and starving in the dreadful dearth that followed. But that was the time to see their courage, and their pity one for another. It was by their pity as much as their tough uncomplaining courage that they survived. I wanted them to survive. […] And anyway you must begin at some point, with some on person. I dare say he was “chosen” and I was only chosen to choose him; but I picked out Bilbo.“…Gandalf speaking to Pippin.


Long Winter by R. Ward Shipman, card art for Middle-earth Collectible Card Game.

The Hobbit:

As the Trolls argued about how to cook The Hobbit, Bilbo managed to escape from his captors.

Soon after the dwarves arrived at the scene to search for Bilbo and one by one, they were captured by the Trolls.

The Trolls once more began arguing about how to cook their captives. Gandalf, while hiding, disguised his voice and kept the argument going. The trolls argued until sunrise and were turned to stone by the sun’s first rays.

Gandalf and the company found the troll’s cave and opened it with a key Bilbo had picked up off the ground. Inside there was the troll’s plunder and several swords. Bilbo took a knife in a leather sheaf (a short sword to him) and Thorin and Gandalf each took a sword with a beautiful scabbard and jewelled hilt.

The Company travelled on until they came to the fair valley of Rivendell where Elrond lived in the Last Homely House. It was time for a short rest.

At Rivendell, Elrond revealed more secrets from the map. He showed the moon-letters which read…”Stand by the grey stone when the thrush knocks and the setting sun with the last light of Durin’s day will shine upon the keyhole”

After a short rest the Company left Rivendell and set off to cross the Misty Mountains.

“Before our Hobbit realised, he’d left his home behind;

He was travelling with the wizard and thirteen proud dwarves.

He travelled through Wilderland to Elrond’s Rivendell;

He vowed he would return one day, and visit the Elves again.”

The Hobbit Hole:

Some amazing facts…

In the Hobbit Living Room, above the fireplace, on the wall are two paintings of Bilbo’s parents, Belladonna Took and Bungo Baggins. These are tiny copies of the ones depicted in The Fellowship of the Ring. These paintings were modelled on images of Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh.

On the shelf above the fireplace is a tiny Statue of Frodo Baggins and Sam Gamgee.

On another wall we see a picture of Frodo and the famous small sword “Sting”.




All the maps and documents you see in the Hobbit Hole are real middle-earth maps printed onto ‘aged’ paper. The scrolls all have writing printed onto them in Bilbo’s handwriting or Elvish. The tiny quills are made from feathers and the candles out of Fimo.

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