The Hobbit and Other Notes… 4

The Road goes ever on and on
Down from the door where it began,
Now far ahead the Road has gone,
And I must follow if I can,
Pursuing it with eager feet,
Until it joins some larger way
Where many path and errands meet.
And whither then? I cannot say.

The Hobbit:

2012 is the 75th Anniversary of the publication of The Hobbit. After 75 years it is still one of the most popular fiction stories ever published. The book is one of the top five all time fiction best sellers and that statistic is not about to change any time soon.

Around the world, events to honour its publication are occurring throughout this year culminating with the release of Peter Jackson’s film adaption, Part One, “The Hobbit – An Unexpected Journey”.


The Hobbit, or There and Back Again, better known by its abbreviated title The Hobbit:

Despite The Hobbit being 75 years old new English language editions are published yearly. There have been over 50 English editions published to date as well as numerous editions in other languages. Editions come from different publishers featuring distinctive cover art, internal art or changes in format. To date about 100 million copies have been sold worldwide and that number is expected to increase over the next few years with the release of the new Hobbit movies.

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Hobbit Notes:

The Shire:

The Shire’s small size, relative lack of importance, and brave and resilient Hobbit population made it too modest an objective for conquest. More important was that the Shire was guarded and protected by the Dunedain and Gandalf, who watched the borders and kept out intruders. The only strangers to enter the Shire were the Dwarves travelling through the Shire to and from their mines in the Blue Mountains, and the occasional Elves on their way to the Grey Havens.


Bilbo Disappears: 

The morning following the “Unexpected Party”,  Bilbo left Bag End and The Shire without leaving a note to say where he had gone. His neighbours and relatives had no idea of his whereabouts.

The day after he left the Green Dragon this news article appeared in the local Hobbiton Newspaper…


The  Weekly  Shire


Late Edition                  Monday April 28, 1341 S.R.                    10p.

Shirriffs Investigate Kidnapping

Fortinbras Proudfoot


Well-respected citizen of Bag Shot Row, Mr. Bilbo Baggins, disappeared in mysterious circumstances from his Bag End home late yesterday morning.

Shirriffs from Hobbiton and nearby Bywater are treating Mr. Baggins’ disappearance as a kidnapping case.

Mr. Baggins’ cousin, Lotho Baggins, raised the alarm after he had gone to Bilbo’s to have Elevenses with him. He saw a mysterious old man who wore a large pointed blue hat, closing Bilbo’s door. The old man rode off on a white horse in the direction of Bywater. Lotho knocked on Bilbo’s door but Bilbo was not home. According to Lotho, this was all very peculiar.

Lotho spoke to Bilbo’s nearest neighbour, Robin Gamgee, who told Lotho he had seen Bilbo running down the hill just before 11:00 a.m. Bilbo at the time seemed to be in a real panic. A strange old man was standing outside Bilbo’s door laughing. Earlier that morning, Robin had seen a large party of Dwarves leaving Bag End carrying lots of baggage.

Lotho, decided to report these strange occurrences to the local Shirriffs who have since made further inquiries around the local area.

Neighbours of Bilbo reported that the mysterious old man first appeared at Bilbo’s on Friday morning. After what seemed to be an argument between the two, Bilbo went inside and closed his door. The stranger then approached Bilbo’s door and appeared to scratch it with his large walking staff.

They also reported that on the next day several dwarves and the old man entered Bilbo’s home and all that evening and late into the night, music, singing and loud noises could be heard coming from Bilbo’s place.

Rosemary Longbottom, who works at the Green Dragon Inn, said that Bilbo left with the dwarves riding ponies eastwards at about 11:00 a.m. yesterday, and the old man followed soon after on a white horse. They all seemed in a hurry. Bilbo has not been sighted since.

Anyone who has seen Bilbo Baggins, any dwarves or an old man wearing a blue hat please contact your local Shirriffs’ Office.

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