The Dragon’s Hoard:

The following story in verse form was inspired by the writings Of J.R.R. Tolkien. It is the melding of a number of Tolkien’s stories about Dragons to create one story about a dragon.

Those who know Tolkien’s stories will readily recognise some similarity to Scatha the Worm, a dragon which terrorised the dwarves and other people in the north of Middle-earth long before the days of Smaug.



 In the Northern Mountains,

The Dwarves built mighty halls;

And in the caves deep below

Great treasures they did mine.

Their kingdom was renowned

Throughout the northern realms;

Their metal work and their gems

Were sought by one and all.

Their reputation spread,

But came to evil ears,

And a dragon soon set out

To seek their fabled halls.

He found the mighty doors

To the Dwarves’ treasure halls;

There he slew the Dwarven King

And the King’s youngest son.

The dragon took the halls;

He drove the Dwarves away.

He gathered the entire hoard

To make a precious bed.

The treasure he did count

And memorised the lot;

He slept and dreamt evil deeds,

Destruction, fire and death.

Dragon 10 - Copy2                                                                                                                              (Art by Tim Kirk)


For many, many years,

People feared his lair.

No one came to challenge him

Or seek his golden hoard.

But as the decades passed,

The dragon he grew old;

In old age he slept too much

And let his guard be down.

One day whilst deep in sleep,

He dreamt a thief would come,

And enter his treasure hall

To take his hoard away.

Awakened from his dream,

A man before him stood;

Then a spear pierced his heart;

The dragon’s fire went out.

The man took all the hoard

For his people and kin;

This brought them into conflict

With Dwarves who claimed it too.

The dispute was settled,

The people southwards went,

Taking with them dragon gold,

A portion of the hoard.

Years turned to centuries.

The Legends grew and grew.

Stories of the dragon’s hoard

Were told throughout the lands.

There is one tale written,

Of a lady much praised,

Who gave a small champion,

A prized horn from that hoard.

Fortinbras Proudfoot

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