The Dragon Beneath The Golden Tree

A poem by Proudfoot about a red dragon that children of the Shire play with on the village green under the golden tree.


 The Dragon Beneath The Golden Tree

We haven’t seen a dragon round here for many an age,

Now found only on a storybook page.

My uncle doesn’t know

About the one that we see

By the village garden

Beneath the golden tree.


At month’s end he visits us

And tells us tales of ancient times.

Upon his back he carries us

And flies us high up into the sky.


With scales the brightest red,

With bat-like wings and big long tail;

Has teeth that are gleaming;

Has eyes that are beaming.


A magic dragon he is,

Seen only by the children’s eyes.

For one full day he plays with us,

Then evening comes and away he flies.


We haven’t seen a dragon round here since I was a child;

Now found only in places that are wild.

That, my Uncle tells me,

But he doesn’t know

About the dragon we see

Beneath the golden tree.


A magic dragon visits us beneath the golden tree,

Where children play with him happily,

A day will come,

When no more he‘ll return;

Or will the magic leave me?

Him, I’ll no longer see.

By Fortinbras Proudfoot


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