Tauriel, Auditions, Barrels and Treasures.

Tauriel a female Elven Warrior,

Auditions, Barrels and Treasures.

Proudfoot’s treasures on the road?

Proposals are underway to bring parts of Proudfoot’s collectibles to different centres for display. It is hoped that items from his collection, including The Hobbit Hole, A Miniature Bag End will be on display at different venues and major events, maybe even overseas. A lot of planning is involved to bring this to fruition and currently there are some positive signs that this will be realised.

Follow his blogs over the coming weeks for updates of all the plans.

This is a link to view those treasures….let us know your thoughts.


The Hobbit Hole - A Miniature Bag End

The Hobbit Hole – A Miniature Bag End


The Hobbit Movie has been the topic of much discussion this week.

Tauriel…Head of the Elven Guard.
First we have the revelation of Tauriel ,to be played by Evangeline Lily, as a warrior who’s  the head of the Elven guard. She’s the big shot in the army and she knows how to wield any weapon.

Tauriel is a character completely created for the movie to perhaps add a “modern day” female warrior so common in action movies these days. The question to be asked is Tauriel an addition to appeal to young men or to females who like to see in movies, women who can hold their own against any male in action sequences and fight scenes.

No where do we find Elven female warriors in Tolkien’s writings; Certainly not in The Hobbit. And, will she be someone’s love interest? Or is the addition of Romance in this movie too difficult to create. Although an early animated version of the Hobbit had Bilbo falling in love with a princess from Dale…not Elven though.

The Hobbit Movie does present lots of intriguing questions with the release of every picture, video, interview and blog. The more we see and read, the more we want the Movie to be released…Great Marketing, I believe.


Evangeline Lilly

Evangeline Lilly

Thousands Flock to Hobbit Auditions:

 In New Zealand this week there was a call for auditions for extras in the Hobbit movie. What resulted was thousands turning up and the police moving in to close the auditions down because of the traffic chaos created.

Here is the link to the news report about this extraordinary event.


Auditions for the Hobbit


Barrels in the rapids:
From Rotorua’s Daily Post in New Zealand:

Filming for Peter Jackson’s latest movie The Hobbit took to the Aratiatia rapids near Taupo for a scene using spill gates from a dam. The film crew dropped 20 to 25 barrels down the rapids at a time yesterday for the scene.



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