Reflections on An Evening in Middle-earth by Narn Kwentrar.

An entry from The Red Book Annals about An Evening in Middle-earth, October 4th, 2014. 

This being the story of how Narn Kwentrar attended the meeting of the peoples of Middle-earth or “What I did on my Saturday night.”

I received an urgent summons from Fortinbras Proudfoot requesting that I journey with some haste to the green fields of Lina Salka where many of the peoples of middle earth would be gathering for a great feast and revels the like of which would not be seen again for many months.

Dressing in my newest and finest tunic and cloak I mounted my fine steed Barina with a muttered prayer to nir’mab the spirit of the travellers path. I felt the familiar tug towards my destination. Stopping only once to feed my steed and drink some Miruvor I made it to the green fields of Lina Salka at the Coron Grond ahead of most of the guests.

Upon entry to the Longhall I was met by my great good friend Gandalf the Grey and Fortinbras Proudfoot esq. himself. I was introduced to our Bard for the evening Martin Son of Pear. He seemed a jolly sort and we were well met. Many hobbits, humans, dwarfs and elves rushed about preparing the hall and tables for the guests.

dscf27023 - Copy

I was swept up into the spirit of the thing and before I knew it was helping move furniture and placing displays, and as soon as we had started we were done. All of this with then no time to spare as the first of the guests was arriving.

A complete spectrum of the world and beyond was represented. Yes even orcs and later Lord Sauron himself. A cake was given display at the front of the hall, shaped cunningly like a dragon even it sitting on a horde of sweetmeats and gee-gaws that twinkled back the light.

The gests entered and the volume increased, hobbit toasted dwarf and elf raised cups with human.  The hubbub was convivial. Martin son of Pear our Bard regaled us all with excellent songs of humour that brought many smiles to faces. Even one of the Orcs was heard to laugh, although I’ll vouchsafe that it is not a sound I’d like to hear repeated in a darkened alley.

Over the course of the night dinner and dessert was had. An auction of many items was completed with the proceeds going to a worthy cause that allowed for needy children to be educated. Raffles were had where many excellent prizes were won and crowed about by their new owners.

After the dinner and speeches were given, Martin son of Pear once again took to the stage with his strange large lute and sang us all tale of middle earth finishing with a song on the large harp provided by Christine of Wheat.

DSCF2692 - Copy


At the end of the songs Lord Sauron and Gandalf the Gray took a turn about the dance floor in a scene to simulate combat. No-one was imperilled as the whole building was accorded neutral territory for the night by the order of the Fortinbras Proudfoot esq. foundation and not a few protective spells.

Before the nobles all began to dance the night away, the Smaug cake was cut, most moist and sweet was the cake to our tongues so much so that not only Hobbits had seconds.

I can only suggest that when this event occurs again and you see the notices in your dale, vale, forest, town or castle that you immediately forward your response to the invitation. A better night I could not have wished to have.


Narn Kwentrar. Ranger of the Storytellers



Coron Grond – Bowling Club.

Lina Salka – Sing Dance (Aboriginal for Enoggera)

Miruvar – Coffeelike drink.

Narn Kwentrar – Scott Driscoll MC

Nir’mab – Googlemaps.

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