Proudfoot’s Dragons: Part Two



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                            The Dragons of Middle-earth: 

The First Age.


Glaurung was called the Father of Dragons. He was the First of the Dragons of Morgoth. He was a fire-breathing Dragon, but did not have wings and could not fly. However, Glaurung was of huge size, had great strength and was cunning and malicious.

In the First Age, Glaurung often led the armies of Morgoth in the wars against the kingdoms of Elves and Men and many perished in the heat of his scorching fire.

With a great army, Glaurung defeated the Elves and captured Nargothrond. There Glaurung confronted Turin, a Man whose family had been cursed by Morgoth. Turin fell under Glaurung’s spell and he was unable to move even as the captives were led away.



Glaurung climbed the slopes of Amon Ethir and when Nienor, Turin’s sister, reached the summit she found herself looking into the Dragon’s eyes. Glaurung’s will overcame hers and she could not even remember her name. When she later encountered Turin she did not know him for her brother. Turin fell in love with his own sister and a romance blossomed.

Glaurung left Nargothrond to seek Turin.  When he came to Deer’s Leap he crossed the top of the ravine and as he did, Turin stabbed Glaurung in the soft underbelly with his sword Gurthang.  The dragon was mortally wounded but when Turin went to remove his sword he was burnt by the dragon’s venomous blood and when the dragon opened his eyes Turin passed out.

When Nienor, who had followed Turin, encountered the dying dragon she saw Turin lying near and thought him to be dead. Then, in his dying breath, Glaurung told Nienor  that her husband was in fact her own brother. Nienor now remembered everything and thinking Turin had also perished, threw herself and her unborn child from the cliff of Deer’s Leap into the river below. When Turin awoke he became aware of his sister’s fate and cast himself on his own sword.


To read much more about Glaurung visit Tolkien Gateway @ …


Ancalagon the Black:

Ancalagon was the dreatest of the winged Dragons of Morgoth.  Ancalagon was a fire-breathing Dragon, or Fire-drake. He first appeared during the War of Wrath at the end of the First Age.

Morgoth was losing the war and he released his winged Dragons from Angband in a final attempt to defeat the Host of the Valar which at first retreated.

Then Earendil came in his flying ship Vingilot bearing one of the Silmarils, and with him came Thorondor, King of the Eagles, leading an army of great birds. A great battle was fought in the sky and on the ground for a day and a half.

Finally, Earendil slew Ancalagon and his body fell from the sky and destroyed the towers of Thangordrim above Angband. The hosts of Morgoth and most of the dragons were destroyed and Morgoth was captured by the Valar and they chained him and cast him into The Void.Eärendil and Dragons




1:00 p.m. Sunday, May 20

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