Proudfoot Presents: Supanova, Meeting, Phenomenon.

Supanova: Pop Culture Expo – April 20-22.

Friday afternoon (April 20) we travelled to the Convention Centre on the Gold Coast. At the centre we set up our display for the Supanova event.  Amanda delivered The Hobbit Hole which would be the centre of our display. Clara, Eamonn and Jacinta soon joined us and we set about hanging pictures and posters as well as organising our table frontage. Having a trio of young helpers, plus an extra, Heather, made the whole task of setting up, and on Sunday, packing up, a lot easier.

The Hobbit Hole took centre stage on the front tables. During the next two days hundreds of people visited our stall and everyone had only positive comments like, phenomenal, terrific and amazing.  Several people took photos and videos of The hobbit Hole and our staff who were dressed in costume for the weekend….Apparently, you can’t keep Pippin out of any photo….See him?




On one side of the Hobbit Hole we had a TV which showed videos of Hobbit trailers and Lord of the Rings Movie locations in New Zealand.  Several people stopped to watch our videos and showed good interest. With this presentation we had brochures from our good friends Red Carpet Tours in New Zealand. They specialise in tours to the movie sites. Their brochures disappeared halfway through Saturday. On Sunday, we also ran videos of Proudfoot’s collectibles and poems which once again were watched with good interest.

We added a large scrap book of magazine and newspaper cuttings, which were about the release of the LotR movies, the stars and the Academy Awards successes. Many people browsed through the scrap book.

To the other side of the Hobbit Hole we placed a couple of editions of The Hobbit and cards with a list of things to look for in The Hobbit Hole. Many visitors used these cards to find the many items in the Hobbit Hole that referred to the books and the movies.

On our display boards behind, we had posters and pictures from The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings Movies. We also had a few painting by local artists which also drew interest.

Another attraction we had, were standees of Gandalf, Aragorn and the Four Hobbits. Several people had their photos taken with them.


with Aragorn


In a special glass topped wooden case we had a replica of Bilbo’s/Frodo’s Sting. Many questions were asked about it.

Also we promoted the Brisbane Tolkien Appreciation Association and handed out pamphlets inviting people to a meeting on the 20th May. These pamphlets were received well and hopefully we will see a good roll up at the meeting.

The Supanova experience was amazing, and for the Proudfoot Foundation it was a great success publicity wise.

A big thanks from Proudfoot to Clara, Jacinta, Eamonn, Amanda and Heather and friends…without you this would not have been possible… Let’s do it again!

To view photos of all the fun we had and the people of Supanova visit our Facebook page @ Hobbits, the Smallest of People.


Proudfoot Presents:

The Publishing Phenomenon of Tolkien’s World.

Saturday, April 28

1:30 p.m.

Indooroopilly Library…Seminar Theatre

In the Indooroopilly Shopping Complex next to the Cinemas.

The Publishing Phenomenon of Tolkien’s World.

Supported by a slide show presentation this interesting talk follows the early years of J.R.R. Tolkien’s life up to the publishing of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings and then traces the development of the cultural phenomenon that his works have become today.

“In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit.”

Who would have thought that these words written in the early 1930’s by an Oxford professor, on a blank page when he was marking School Certificate papers, would be the beginnings of a publication phenomenon and lead to one of the largest movie franchises of all time.


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