Proudfoot writes poems inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien’s stories of Middle-earth.

The poems are often written about characters from the stories and are readily recognisable to those who are familiar with the stories. Others are inspired by people met and places visited. Below are two of Proudfoot’s stories in verse form.

Please read these and feel free to pass on your comments.



Across the wide encircling seas

There lies a distant land,

Where mountains touch the sky

And clouds caress them high.

The forests on the mountain slopes

Are full of nature’s gifts,

And crystal waters flow

In the valleys far below.

And in those green vales

Between the mountains,

They say the fairest people live.

She appeared at first in a dream

From that far distant land,

Her hair is golden sheen

Her eyes the softest green.

Out of the west the swan ships came

Arriving on our shores;

On a bright starry night,

A fleet all glistening white.

And when she sailed here

In her white swan ship,

She brought the rarest gifts to give.

Her smile brings sunshine to the world,

Her laughter brings such joy;

She makes all people glow

Where ever she does go.

Her heart is kind and full of warmth,

She shows the gentlest care,

The time that she was here;

A memory oh so dear.

And then she left

And went into the west,

To return and live

With the elves so fair.



Four hobbit lads set out.

The air it made them shiver,

The moon was just a sliver.


There was no one about.

They crept along the hedgerow,

Staying quiet and keeping low.


A strange noise in the night.

An old owl in a tree top,

Had startled them to a stop.


Lights shining through the trees.

The farmer’s house was alight,

But their goal was now in sight.


So little time to pick.

There were mushrooms all around.

The youngsters grabbed all they found.

Bark!… Bark!

The farm dogs were awake.

Four Hobbit lads took to flight,

Running quickly through the night.

Run!… Run!

This wasn’t so much fun.

Racing frightened down the lane,

Safely home they hoped to gain.

Hip!… Hooray!

“We whistled all the way.

Found the mushrooms in the park,

And bravely walked in the dark.

Nothing frightened us at all!”

Well, that’s the story they told to all.

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