Proudfoot writes poems inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien’s stories of Middle-earth.

The poems are often written about characters from the stories and are readily recognisable to those who are familiar with the stories. Others are inspired by people met and places visited. Below are three of Proudfoot’s stories in verse form.

Please read these and feel free to pass on your comments.



A new age of freedom has now dawned in all the lands

Dark days now are just a memory

Peace has returned to people once enslaved

And a king of wisdom rules the land again.


Through shadows and certain death,

With faithful riding by his side;

Forbidden paths he rode along,

To seek assistance of forgotten men.


In the darkest hour he came,

With love made banner flying proud;

His enemies before him fled,

He rode to triumph and great victory.


With the gift of healing hands,

He brought new hope to wounded souls;

Through his courage and humble heart,

Respect and trust he won from everyone.


On a day in Springtime the king rode to our land,

Accompanied by his lovely queen;

They brought with them a future of hope,

The king and his queen bless our land again.


A new age of freedom has now dawned in our own land

Dark days now are just a memory

Peace has returned with a future of hope

An age of freedom dawns in all the lands.




Pennants flapping black and red,

Riders wearing silver mail,

A dragon was their crest.


They came riding from the east,

With them bringing rarest gifts

And message of new peace.


In morning’s light those rider’s came

And in its light we saw her

Riding there for all to see,

Dressed all in black a warrior.


War sword hanging at her side,

Knives for fighting on her back,

This maiden walked with pride.


With all bowing to the king,

Alone standing she stood there,

As equal to the king.


In Evening’s light she came in white,

And in moon’s light we saw her,

Shining there for all to see,

A princess now most beautiful.


In morning’s light her horse she rides

And at first light we see her,

The princess and the warrior,

And future hope that rides with her.



They came from many lands,

They came to seek adventure;

Adventure under southern skies.

One night they met to make the plans they needed;

Planning carefully for the days ahead,

Of their great adventure.


The road that they followed

Came to a special township

Where all the houses had round doors;

There the travellers enjoyed a pleasant stay

They took away memories to be shared,

Of this great adventure.


Travelling down the road,

They saw mighty volcanoes,

Including the mountain of Doom;

It was here they followed others’ footsteps,

Seeking for hidden places that are famed,

In a great adventure.


The road finally led

To the Premiere City,

And thousands were gathering there;

They’d come to see a great event happen,

A Celebration never to forget;

The biggest event

In our recent memory,

For the smallest of people;

People we admire,

In a story we love;

About an adventure.


They came from many lands,

They came to seek adventure;

Adventure under southern skies.

Their great journey continued many days,

And memories they took home to be shared

Of their great adventure.

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