PROUDFOOT POEMS  Proudfoot writes poems inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien’s stories of Middle-earth. The poems are often written about characters from the stories and are readily recognisable to those who are familiar with the stories. Others are inspired by people met and places visited. Please read these and feel free to pass on your comments.




Tall tree under heaven,

With golden crown on top;

Branches spill a dew of golden drops.

Other shapes perceived;

Tall woman often seen;

She walks this world wearing shades of green.


Lover of all nature;

Lover of the earth;

Curing all that evil’s marred and hurt.

Drives away the fears,

Wipes away the tears;

She’s mother to all nature here on earth.


Forests green with towering trees;

Pastures and the golden fields;

Songs of power creating life devised,

And in the new morning light,

Plants and creatures come to life.

Bringing fruit to all the earth,

Revered Queen of Earth.


Light from silver flower,

Light from golden fruit,

In the sky as sun and silver moon;

The darkness it is fading,

The evil it will fall;

The magic of a mother’s gift to all.


By Fortinbras Proudfoot

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