Brisbane Tolkien Fellowship Meeting 16/06/2013

Notes from BTF meeting on Sunday, 16th June, 2013.Brisbane Tolkien Fellowship

Pyjama Day – June 21st

  • This is a day to publicise the Pyjama Foundation and the great work they do giving reading opportunities to underprivileged kids.
  • Peter Kenny will be reading to kids at Mitchelton School dressed in his pyjamas – any volunteers welcome to join him
  • Any future events we do with kids, volunteers will need to hold a blue card. Peter Kenny to find out how long the application takes and the cost.

Hobbits’ Second Christmas – 27th July, 4 pm start

  • To be held at Amy’s parents place – to get address, message Amy (Harley Quinn on Facebook) or contact Peter Kenny
  • Food may be catered or BYO for a barbecue – low cost catering options to be investigated by Amy  & Peter K
  • Along with delicious food there will be Middle Earth ales (courtesy of Longshanks) and trivia/pictionary/charades game masterminded by Fortinbras Proudfoot.

SciFi / Fantasy month – during August at Logan Library

  • Our display will include Kelly’s & Brendon’s warg, a mannequin dressed as a dwarf or elf, locked glass cabinet containing swords, helms, copy of The Hobbit, posters, etc. – to be coordinated by Trevor & Peter K.
  • Finale Day is on Saturday, 24th August – any volunteers interested in attending in costume please contact Trevor or Peter K.

 Video / presentation for Middle Earth Network

  • Topic will be archery – must be faithful to Tolkien – anyone interested in being involved contact Peter K or Trevor Wheaton

Martin Pearson performance – Friday 20th Sept, 6.30pm start.

  • Cost – $25, to be paid at the door
  • Venue seats up to 60 people so to be sure of a seat respond through event in Facebook with how many tickets you will require.
  • Will have a 30 minute interval with tea, coffee, biscuits, etc. Group members please bring a plate of something to share

Mythacon & Supanova

  • Decision to have a booth at both these events, despite them being within a week or two of each other.
  • Much discussion on ways to make money for our charity apart from the major raffle (prize of Legolas knives – thank you Noela). Ideas included: sale of small beanbag dragons (very cute – made by Kelly); hobbithole terrariums (made by a contact of Peter K’s) – possibly as a prize for one or more quick raffles; sale of costume items that aren’t easily found elsewhere – possibly to be made by members. More info will be posted in BTF chatroom.

Next meeting – 21st July, 11 am at Milton Coffee Club

(Notes compiled by Robin D.)





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