Brisbane Tolkien Fellowship: Notes from meeting Sunday 8th December

Meetings and Second Breakfast Club:

Next meeting:

Sunday 12th January – for those interested in organising any topics below – at Proudfoot’s 12:01 p.m.

Come to our next meeting as we need more people to discuss our future ideas and possible changes.

Facebook and Website

  • Need a public face to Brisbane Tolkien Fellowship as current chat room in Facebook is private.
  • We do have an open facebook page… but we need more to take an active role contributing pictures, links, etc.
  • Peter K and Miles will change domain name of Proudfoot website to Brisbane Tolkien Fellowship…
  • This needs further discussion as Miles and Peter do not believe it is necessary… The site however does need further redesigning. The site and URLs are sponsored for free currently.
  • We need more people to take an active role contributing to the website.
  • New business card – Peter D to draft a new business card – Tolkien Fellowship one side, Proudfoot Esq the other side. This is agreed on to be necessary.


Events for 2014

  • Hobbit Picnic in the Park – possibly in September
  • Tolkien Reading Day – held at a library? Book readings, stories, songs…Possibly include archery cos play with orc and dwarf
  • Costume Party at Helen’s?
  • Dinner Dance – hold in late August?


School visits and library presentations

  • blue cards are required – Peter K will sponsor anyone wanting to apply
  •  Peter K will draft up a program
  • -will advertise on FB at the time for anyone wanting to accompany him


Publications — idea of publishing a book with contributions by members… looking for people with publishing and editing skills to make this a reality.

Peter K has OS writers and fans willing to contribute.

An Australian based Tolkien themed publication would be a great way to communicate with Tolkien fans here Down Under.

Displays – Logan Library is set for Fantasy Week – others?

Letter of introduction – Peter D to draft one up for members to send to businesses, interested parties, etc. outlining what we can offer.


Next meeting:

Sunday 12th January – for those interested in organising any of the above – at Peter Kenny’s 12:01 p.m.

  • Meeting to nail down organisers for these, particularly dinner dance –


Sunday 26th January – Second Breakfast Club – Milton Coffee Club, 11am.


  • The Hobbit: Book Vs Movie – led by?
  • Review of The Desolation of Smaug.
  • Will be held at 11am last Sunday of EVERY month
  • Will have a theme – led by someone – take turns?
  • First meeting – theme to be The Hobbit: Book Vs Movie – led by?
  • Review of The Desolation of Smaug.
  • Decide on following months theme.
  • Possible future themes could be discussions on his works – eg them for June could be Silmarillion

Second Breakfast Club will become a monthly gathering for all Tolkien/The Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit fans to discuss topics from the books and movies. Prepare a paper or notes to be used in the selected topic for discussion. Completed papers will be posted on our website for viewing by all visitors and fans.

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