Newsletter – April 2014

Brisbane Tolkien Fellowship has proudly donated

$2500 to the Pyjama Foundation from our fundraising.

  • Supa Nova Gold Coast
  • Second Breakfast Club.
  • Lunch at Proudfoot’s
  • Pearls Donation

Supa Nova Gold Coast was another fun time. Thank you to our stall helpers who gave up their time to help. We had a Dwarf and Hobbit on site with visits from our regular Orc and Sauron with his assistant the Witch King. The appearance of Tauriel was a delightl for our Orc.

We raised $754.90 at our stall over the weekend which will help fund future enterprises.

Second Breakfast Club. This month we are continuing our discussions on “The Silmarillion”. Enjoy a second breakfast at Rue de Paris, Park Road, Milton, 11:00am, Sunday,27 April and then join the discussion on Tolkien’s works.

Lunch at Proudfoot’s, Noon, Sunday May 25.

Bring a plate of Hobbity Food and meet for a friendly get together to discuss the following:

  • Dinner Dance, October 4.
  • Hobbit Picnic in the Park, September 20.
  • Sci-Fi Fantasy Month presentations and displays, August.
  • BCC Library displays and presentations July and September.
  • Brisbane Supanova, November.

We are looking for ideas to make the most of these opportunities and for other suggestions to develop a social group of interest.

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