Netherlands Newspaper Article

In October I attended The Tolkien Shop’s 25th Anniversary in Leiden, Netherlands. The shop is owned by my good friend Rene Van Rosenberg.
From a newspaper in the Netherlands:
25 Years of Hobbits and Elves.
The Tolkien Shop: still successful thanks to one author.
PHOTO CAPTION: According to folklore Hobbits like bright colours. That is why PETER KENNY is wearing for this occasion a yellow shirt with a green pair of pants and a brown vest….
IN TEXT: “After a short introduction the owner handed proceedings to the master of ceremonies, Fortinbras Proudfoot, in the day to day life also known as Peter Kenny. The Australian is dressed in the style of Bilbo, Frodo, Pippin, Merry and Sam Gamgee ;…He reads from his own work; a poem that comes to life in a radio play sort of way for the audience, that listens intensely. Next he sings a song in which the characters from The Lord of the Rings are praised…The audience merrily claps and sings along and the atmosphere reminds of an evening at the boy scouts, be it without an open fire.”Nether news

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