Maddie’s Hobbit Hole is moving:


Maddie’s Hobbit Hole – a miniature Bag End is currently on display at the Queensland Museum where it has been for most of 2013. This table-top Hobbit Hole will soon be available for a new venue as the Museum will be creating a new display in the near future.

The Hobbit Hole has been displayed in the Museum, Libraries and other venues around Brisbane since May 2011 and wherever it has been, it has been very popular. All visitors and venues’ staff have been impressed by its detail and have expressed an interest in seeing it again and to know more about it.

Based on Bilbo’s Bag End, the Hobbit Hole has over six hundred items inside, including miniatures based on the Lord of the Rings Movies and Tolkien’s Stories, Hobbit food and furniture to suit a Hobbit. There’s even a vegetable garden in the front yard.

If you would like to display The Hobbit Hole at your venue, event or Convention, please contact us. 

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Mob: +61 (0) 437 353 254


Or via this website.

This is the amazing “Maddie’s Hobbit Hole” … it is a table-top model based on Bag End filled with over 600 items.  Go this link to view 78 photos of all its rooms and items….

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