Hobbit Hole, Movies and Song.

Hobbit Hole, Movies and Song.

The Hobbit Hole to travel?









Mr Proudfoot is on a Quest to achieve a major goal. He wants to take The Hobbit Hole overseas. He is very busy, setting goals, creating links and searching for sponsors. If you can help, let us know. “He is only quite a little fellow in a wide world after all!”

The Hobbit Hole is a prized possession of our Mr Proudfoot. It was made by Maddie Chambers and is one of the Ten Amazing Doll’s Houses world wide.

Proudfoot has a goal to take this Miniature Bag End to “The Return of the Ring” a major Conference for fans of The Hobbit and Tolkien. The Conference is to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the publication of The Hobbit book. It will be at Loughborough  University, England , August 16-20.


With one offer to transport the Hobbit Hole within Europe, Proudfoot is investigating the possibility of taking it to other events to be held in Europe, celebrating The Hobbit .

If anyone is interested in sponsoring The Hobbit Hole’s journey to Europe and any Hobbit events there, please contact us by email.

Attached here is a short presentation showing all the wonderful detail of this awesome table-top model.

Proudfoot presents The Hobbit Hole, a Miniature Bag End.




The Hobbit Movies:

Here are a couple of more links to keep you updated on The Hobbit movies.


Richard Armitage talks about playing Thorin in The Hobbit.


“This is the most enjoyable filmmaking experience of my career, by far, which is interesting since I came into it slightly reluctantly,” Peter Jackson said. “It’s all unexpected.”














Latest song from the pen of Proudfoot.

Proudfoot has recently penned lyrics for a song about his travels in New Zealand, Middle-earth. The tune for this song is I’m a Believer. Hope you enjoy singing it.


The Middle –earth Song:

Tune: “I’m a Believer”.


I thought Middle-earth was only in my dreams,

A land found in books and movies;

That has now all changed,

I’ve travelled to a land;

Imagination’s now reality.



I travelled that land;

There’s no more dreaming.

Through Middle-earth;

And places so real.

I’m amazed….Yeh!

No more dreaming,

There’s no dreaming anymore.


First we toured down to Bibo’s Hobbiton.

Then off to Mount Doom and Mordor.

Walked Emyn Muil ;

Sat by Gollum’s Stream.

Saw the mighty River Anduin;




We entered Rivendell the Elven realm;

And magical Lothlorien.

Wore the Elven Cloak;

We “Got off the Road”;

And strolled through Gardens of Isengard.




In the South we climbed up to Edoras;

Travelled across the Rohan plains.

On the Pelennor,

Charged across the fields,

Like the bravest horsemen from Rohan.




Our road led to Fangorn and Amon Hen,

And even to the Wizard’s Vale;

The Ford of Bruinen,

Mighty Argonath,

With the Misty Mountains all around.



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