BTF Meeting Minutes: June 17 2012

In foramine terrae habitabat hobbitus…..

“In a hole in the ground, there lived a hobbit….”

The first line of the new Latin Publication of  The Hobbit  has been shared by HarperCollins.


Brisbane Tolkien Fellowship Meeting:

The Fellowship’s recent Tolkien Meeting was held at the Coffee Club, Milton. Talking all things Tolkien including the upcoming movie, books and other related matters; it was another pleasant gathering with coffee and snacks.

Talk commenced on what the Website state was and how it needs more information to be added by other members. This is currently being viewed as we update a few other things on the site.


The Hobbit Hole:

An update was given on The Hobbit Hole which is still at the Chermside Library awaiting transportation to another venue. Also we are looking for someone to repair the broken chandelier in the Entry Hall of the hole. Peter visited Chermside Library recently and replaced a number of items which had been dislodged during the last transporting of it. While he was there many people came up and asked several questions about it.

One elderly lady asked if it was a fairy’s house… J

We are investigating the possibility of displaying The Hobbit Hole at QPAC Theatre for the upcoming Queensland Symphony Orchestra performance of The Fellowship of the Ring.

We also had a brief discussion on our Logan Library plans for the Sci-Fi/Fantasy month coming up in August.


Discussions and Shares: 

Kaja showed us the Hobbit Calendar she made and ceramic leaves she had made.

Peter showed some photos of his collection to all the members. The photos led to discussion of the various different publications of Tolkien’s major works.

Peter explained about the copyright dispute in USA during the sixties when ACE Publishers published pirate paperbacks of The Lord of the Rings. Eventually the dispute was settled and Ballantyne, Tolkien’s American Publishers, published their own paperback editions of the books. The copyright dispute and the publication of paperback copies of The Lord of the Rings, brought the story to the attention of America’s youth and the alternative generation of freedom, hippies, etc. The young people embraced the books as their “Bible” and The Lord of the Rings soon became the most popular book of the age.

As a consequence Lord of the Rings pin buttons were being worn by America’s youth and became the most popular clothing accessory. The buttons had slogans such as “Frodo Lives”, “Gollum eats Goblins”, “Gandalf for President”, etc. Since the movies new pin buttons have come onto the market and today these buttons are popular and are worn at various Pop Culture events worldwide.


Lord of the Rings Pins



Trevor brought in the Mumakil Model Kit which generated a lot of interest. Our resident Hobbit was playing with it for ages. With the model was a silver Mumakil captain, which according to Trevor was in the likeness of Tod Rippon who played one of those roles in the Return of the King. Todd was the captain of the Mumakil which was brought down by Legolas.

Trevor also had his Laptop for people to see all his Hobbiton Photos from his recent trip to New Zealand; great photos which led to an interesting Q & A session. John, our newest member, showed much interest and asked a lot of questions and shared some interesting insights.


Music and Singing:

Christine and Kayja discussed Music and how it would be good to get together for Musical Practice with Christine playing the Harp and Singing.  We all joined in on this discussion also. It was decided that this would be a nice feature at our next meeting. Trevor said they have the Sheet Music, and can make copies as required.

Peter was asked to please check with the Coffee Club and arrange for us to use the back of the Café for the day.

Our next meeting will be on Sunday, July 22 at the Coffee Club, Milton. We hope to see and welcome more Tolkien fans there.Bring your friends and join us.

R.S.V.P. – Peter

Ph: 3354 2495/Mob: 0437353254

or for furtherInformation.

  “The road goes on and on”

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