Brisbane Tolkien Fellowship at The Desolation of Smaug – Queensland Premiere

December 17 th, Events Cinemas, Chermside.

Today, Boxing Day, 26th December, “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” opens in Cinemas in Australia. The Brisbane Tolkien Fellowship was invited to attend the Queensland Premiere of the movie last week on the 17th of December.

More than 30 members and friends attended the Events Cinemas Chermside dressed in their finest Middle-earth costumes and greeted other invited guests as they entered the cinema.

Acknowledgement goes to everyone from our Fellowship who turned up in wonderful costumes and to thank them for their attendance which added to the atmosphere and enjoyment of the night.

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Brendon in his amazing Warg costume was one of the highlights and attracted many wondrous comments from the assembled guests. Along with his Dwarven handlers, Kelly (Bofur), Jan (Bombur0 and Les (Fili) they looked like a group who had stepped out of the Hobbit movie, albeit with a tame Warg. These costumes were made by Kelly and Brendon and the craftsmanship is superb. (See note 1 below)

A special mention must go to The Great Dwarf, Trevor, who was resplendent in his helmet, leather tunic and fur-lined cloak. Carrying a replica of Gimli’s war axe he made one imposing Dwarf that would make any Dwarf warrior prince envious.

With him was helmeted and caped Mace who carried a spear and shield (Rohan warrior?). He looked very much like a fierce mercenary body guard to the Great Dwarf.

Justin’s costume of the Witch King is awesome to see. The costume is as exact to a movie replica as you could see outside the movies. The helmet and iron gloves are meticulously made and overall Justin brings this character to life in a menacing way.

One cannot fail to mention, Greg’s Moria Orc costume which is another costume as good as a movie replica. Greg brings this character to life in a humorous way with often friendly interactions with the attending crowd. You should see him dance! Always a crowd hit!

Probably the most beautiful costume at the Premiere was a replica of Arwen’s Green Wedding Gown worn by Amy. This gown is beautiful in every detail and is complimented by a silver head piece similar to the original. A mutual friend, Lady Carberry was the creator of this glorious costume and  other creations of hers were on display at the premiere. (See note 2 below)

Proudfoot wore a magnificent Hobbit Dinner suit. His suit was a velvet green coat, with velvet black trousers and gold waistcoat. On the lapel of his jacket was a replica of the Fellowship’s Elven Brooch. On the night Mr Proudfoot looked very much like Bilbo heading off for one of those important Hobbit Parties.

Pats (Lady Carberry) and her husband Hans, wore beautifully made costumes that would have suited the social scene of Minas Tirith. Pats carried a basket of wares from the different regions of Middle-earth.

There were Elves and Hobbits everywhere including Lynne as a Hobbit maiden, with flowers in her hair and an Elven Melinda with her radiant pink hair and brandishing an Elven blade. Ben was wearing his outstanding Elven Lord costume and Theresa was in her pretty blue Hobbit lass dress.

And who was that tall man in the outstanding green Gondor outfit carrying an outstanding replica of Elendil’s helmet? Bob, you are a legend.

Voro a diminutive dreadlocked Elf, wore a replica Fellowship cloak. Voro brought her guitar along and entertained guests with Hobbit and Smaug songs which attracted attention and drew a collection of Fellowship chorus singers.

Video Man Miles who ran around with his video camera capturing all he could must not be forgotten.  And Jo Anne, from Blondie’s PR, who took many great pictures on the night, thank you.

Kirsty and her “Made4Media” team did a splendid job with decorations and in association with the Events Cinema team put on a splendid array of various Hobbit food delicacies and drinks to be enjoyed by all in attendance.

When all the pre Movie formalities, photos, costume displays, singing, eating and drinking were finally over we settled down in to our seats in the cinema to watch the Movie.

When the movie began we were taken back to a familiar place…. Bree.

It was a splendid night enjoyed by all of our Fellowship.

For photos of all the amazing costumes go to this link:

Please note… Proudfoot will post a review of “The Desolation of Smaug” after the Movie’s release here in Australia on Boxing Day.



  1. For more information about Kelly’s wonderful Furry Costumes, visit her Menagerie Costumes Web Site.

  1. For Fantasy Costumes and Accessories visit Lady Carberry’s Web Site.

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