An Evening in Middle-earth/Highlights

An Evening in Middle-earth

Supporting The Pyjama Foundation

Guests will be welcomed by Fellowship members dressed in costumes and after an official introduction all will enjoy a buffet meal in a true Middle-earth environment.

The Dragon Cake.

To be made by “Cakes by Lyn”, this large cake will be decorated as the Dragon Smaug resting on his treasure hoard with a small Bilbo standing beside it. The accompanying photo on the page here will be used as inspiration for its design.


zzzzdragon cake. - Copy


  • We also have two guest entertainers from Perth, WA, who have extensive singing experience in Australia and overseas. Sarah and Ellin will be singing their own Tolkien inspired songs on the evening.
  • There will also be some short video presentations on the evening, including a “special”  by The Melbourne Hobbits.
  • Members of The Brisbane Tolkien Fellowship will also be entertaining us on the evening.
  • Later in the evening after all the formalities, there will be a DJ playing music for all the guests to enjoy dancing.


The venue will be decorated with an assortment of Middle-earth memorabilia including banners, flags and pictures.

Guests will be welcomed by an array of costumes from Middle-earth, including those worn by Hobbits, Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, Rohan and Gondor. Also on display will be a magnificent costume of Sauron and you may even meet the tame Warg.

zzz The warg - Copy 2


Raffles, Auctions and Prizes:

The vouchers donated to date are in excess of $3000 including a trip to New Zealand. There will be door prizes, costume prizes, raffles and a couple of special auctions.

This will be a very special night, all in the aid of The Pyjama Foundation.

An Evening in Middle-earth

Dinner, Entertainment, Music, Dancing, Prizes.

6:00 p.m. 12th October, Morningside RSL

Tickets $55 Students $50 at Ticketbooth

Bring Your Friends, Book a Table

Ph:   0437 353 254

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