An Evening in Middle-earth; Wonderful !

An Evening in Middle-earth has been acclaimed by our followers here and overseas as a wonderful event.

Below are a list of comments from local. interstate, and overseas people who attended or viewed the event.

Our live stream reached several countries on Saturday night. We went truly global. New Zealand, Canada, USA, Netherlands, Poland, Germany, Austria, UK and Australia. These are just the ones who have messaged to praise our event.

On the night many expressed their amazement at just how good the event was.

Here are amazing photos…

Smaug cake with Bilbo

Smaug cake with Bilbo


Here is one glowing comment from Poland…

“We wish we could have been there for such an amazing event! For your next big event, we will book long haul flights and get down under. Your planning, great communication and organising has reached across the globe and is a great inspiration!

All the best, and thank you… what is now flooding out from your event can only be described as something that shouldn’t have been missed…

See you next time!”

Many other comments praising the event….

  • Tonight was such an amazing night! Thank you to the Brisbane Tolkien Fellowship for hosting such a wonderful event!  The company was amazing, I had so much fun!!!
  • It was a wonderful night, which highlighted all the hard work, done by everyone concerned. Wouldn’t it be great, if we could set it up, so that another “Evening in Middle-earth” could be held worldwide, with other enthusiastic peoples and live streamed between all the events.
  • *Hugs for everyone * While we are thanking people, I really think the biggest thanks should go to everyone who came!!! Don’t forget the night wouldn’t have happened without you!!!!
  • The Brisbane Tolkien Fellowship committee put in hours and hours of time to decorate the Morningside RSL with costume displays, authentic flags, decorated tables and much more to make the Middle Earth event a great success to raise money for the Pyjama Foundation.

DSC_7541 - Copy

  • Loved everything . The decorations were magical , entertainment superb ( a star is born Amy) and the duet  singerswere fantastic . As someone with special dietary requirements I considered the meal excellent. As my table was last to go up there was less variety and amount of food left, but still happy with the food. Dessert was lovely and the dragon cakes such a treat for eye and tummy. I’m glad our brothers and sisters in the International Fellowship enjoyed and were inspired by the night. I was sitting with the folk from The Pyjama Foundation and I feel they were astounded at the evening and so thrilled with our efforts. I can tell you they enjoyed themselves.
  • One of the big highlights for me was Amy and her choir singing those two songs from the movie, esp “Into the West” – I love that song and she sang it beautifully. Yes a fun night – we will all need to get together at some stage and have a proper debrief so we can do it better next time .
  • So much fun at the Middle Earth party Saturday night. One of the many highlights was the female choir Sweet Fusion with Amy joining them on the microphone to sing songs from the movies.
  • Amy and Sweet Fusion did a wonderful cover of “May It Be” from The Fellowship of the Ring. They sang “Into the West” beautifully also.
  • The two lovely young ladies, Ellin and Sarah, who sang duet were fantastic. They had everyone singing and clapping along; One of the wonderful highlights of the night.
  • The hello video from the Melbourne fellowship was hilarious. They are a group who are talented and so funny; A great addition to the night.

To find videos of Amy or Ellin and Sarah singing visit …


  • Tolkien fans who stayed late at the Middle Earth event got to meet scary Sauron and the Warg creature. Many guests lined up to have their photos taken with them.
  • So many fantastic costumes were worn by Tolkien fans at the Evening in Middle-earth party. It would have been tricky being a judge to choose the best ones. There was a costume parade and prizes for individuals and couples dressed in costume.
  • Cute hobbit cake and two awesome dragon cakes were among the highlights of the Middle Earth Evening. One of the dragon cakes took 30 hours to make with 30 individual scales and oodles of treasure items. Gotta love the cake ladies!
  • Smaug himself would have been proud of the delightful dragon cakes at the Middle Earth party Saturday night.
  • So many awesome looking wizards amongst the costumes. There was a white wizard, grey wizard, a blue wizard and a brown wizard! Brisbane Tolkien Fellowship members and friends are very enthusiastic.
  • There were kings and queens galore who displayed they are passionate about Tolkien and Middle Earth.

A Truly Magical Night!






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