An Evening in Middle-earth: What a Party!

Last Saturday night, October 12, Brisbane Tolkien Fellowship hosted,

“An Evening in Middle-earth”.


Proudfoot would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your contribution towards making last Saturday night such a resounding success. With your contributions we put on an event that made many people happy and gave them something memorable. We successfully raised money for The Pyjama Foundation and that alone made the night a worthy event.

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Below is a letter sent to The Brisbane Tolkien Fellowship which sums up the Event admirably. The letter is from one of the guests who attended Saturday night.

Hello everyone,

I am a 42 two year old male from Queensland, Gold Coast.

On Saturday night I decided to attend a function, An Evening in Middle-earth” as a few good friends of mine are involved in the organising group.

I am not an avid fan of Tolkien, to be honest; I have not even watched the Hobbit or the full series of movies.

But Saturday was an experience that I will remember well for a very long time. The atmosphere when you arrived was welcoming and friendly and as soon as you were inside the venue you could see the effort people had put into transforming the venue into a magical night.

The tables were decorated with what I was to learn, the names of places in middle earth. Tables had coloured centre pieces some with mini axes and weapons scattered over them. Other tables had scattered stars, spiders, mushrooms, potatoes and leaves.

When everyone had arrived the atmosphere kept building.  To see all the characters and the efforts people had made to create costumes was wonderful. From a child of 8 or 9 dressed as a hobbit to ladies and gents well into retirement dressed as their favourite characters. And did they role play, might I say. From a Warg to an Ent Wife, there were so many Middle-earth fantasy characters to see.

And the entertainment you would have paid for alone. To listen to Sarah and Ellin sing was tremendous and when one would think that it could not get better along came the group of seven beautiful women called Sweet Fusion and did they get the crowd going.

It was great to see that a worthy charity, The Pyjama Foundation, was involved and funds were raised to assist them along. The raffles and prizes which came from sponsors all over the world were fantastic. As well there were spot prizes and costume prizes which were awarded after a special parade where people had the opportunity to show their creations.

And those fantastic looks into Proudfoot’s travels around the world so many were envious and wished they were taking those photos from Europe to New Zealand, to Archery in the Australian bush and the fun of Supanova. What a wonderful year’s journey we took through those slides.

Not to forget the video of the hilarious skit the Melbourne Tolkien group performed.

There was a feast and dessert and very special Dragon cakes.  The effort put into creating the cakes amazed everybody.

To round off the night music played so guests could dance till the wee hours and all in all it was a fantastic night had by all.

So for someone that has never been great into Tolkien I must say that it was a very special night to remember.

Thank you for allowing me to be part of something special in the history of celebrating Tolkien’s world.



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