An Evening in Middle-earth: 04 -10 -14


The Middle-earth Celebration was a very successful night of everything a Hobbit could wish for: Friendship, music, food, laughter, food, dancing and lots of good food.

Thank you to everyone who attended our event on October 4th. It was a great evening. A special thank you to those who decorated, entertained, bumped in, bumped out and sat at the doors organising entry and raffles. It all contributed to something very special. Awesome!
Early estimates show we made a substantial profit to donate to The Pyjama Foundation. Great stuff everyone!

I must take the opportunity to thank all our sponsors who donated generously to assist our Foundation.


Sarah Courtis

I have finally had the time to decompress and settle into a normal routine after an amazing trip to Middle Earth with the Hobbits, the Smallest of People: Brisbane Tolkien Fellowship. The Evening in Middle Earth Dinner Dance was an absolutely wonderful event packed with the best people, great food, some truly hilarious entertainment (with special thanks to Martin Pearson for gracing us with his songs) and all superbly decorated to make you feel as though you had stepped into a piece of Middle Earth.

Every time I return to Brisbane I am struck by the generosity found there. Not only was this event done as a fundraiser for the Pyjama Foundation but I have to thank the wonderful Helen for taking me in for the night and Peter Kenny for organizing everything. This was once again a brilliant event and I can’t wait to come back next year.

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Martin Pearson

For many years at gigs, I have been telling people to get me a comfy armchair and four, oiled and nubile slave to carry me in it from gig to gig. Saturday night was the closest to that I have yet achieved.
It was a superb night. I adore costumed events and you guys didn’t let me down throwing yourselves joyously and enthusiastically into your various characters.
You stay fantastic, d’you hear?

Yvonne Thomsen

An Evening in Middle-Earth suggested a night of magic and fun, and I am happy to report it delivered.

From the first moment, entering through the archway holding the Arkenstone, we spied an ethereal Elven tree and model, an ideal photo opportunity, and not the only one.

There was a breathtakingly accurate scale model of Bilbo’s Hobbit Hole. It was true taste of the shire surrounded by yummy fresh fruit and vegetables, perfect for a hungry hobbit. Is there any other kind? They do eat 7 times a day! How they fit into hobbit clothes, such as the lovely ones on display, I do not know?

Yes another photo, followed by another at the wonderful Dwarf display.

Colourful flags, banners and standees adorned an eating hall housing Gandalf, Elves, Dwarfs, Men and Hobbits.

Even the Orcs and Sauron himself enjoyed an evening of fine feasting and dancing led by the ever popular M.C. Mr. Scott Driscoll.

Troubadour extraordinaire Mr. Martin Pearson entertained a spellbound audience with folk songs, guitar and harp performances to make us laugh and cry as well as his famous / infamous masterpiece “The Spelling Errors of Bolkien “.

It was an evening to catch up with old friends and make new ones too, while appreciating the individually decorated tables representing all parts of Middle Earth.

What a joy and what a wonderful way to help the Pyjama Foundation and their invaluable work with children in care.

Thank you Brisbane Tolkien Fellowship for a fantastic evening. Thanks also to George the chef for the scrumptious meal and to all the generous sponsors for the magnificent prizes shared by so many.

Looking forward to next year already… now where can I book for 2015 ???

Kerryn Muir

You should all be proud of yourselves, you did an awesome job, I had a lovely night. Thank you all for making me feel welcome again this year.

Trevor Wheate

Evening in Middle Earth. It was a fantastic event. We all had a great time and did our bit for the Pyjama Foundation. Today we took down the last of the Hall decorations and took them back to their usual homes. Now, feeling rather tired but happy. Starting to talk about next years already.


Very impressed Mr Proudfoot. It was my first show/intro to the Brisbane Tolkien Fellowship. Nice bunch of people.



Sam Drummond

Freaking awesome!  Will probably be dressed up next time.

I brought a friend along with me, who had never been to one of these get- togethers, and she said she had a great time and if given the option would definitely be back again.
Neither of us had been to a Lord of the Rings get together and so did not know anybody. We both felt very welcomed and for myself, I found that despite not dressing up I really fitted in.
The raffles were well done and prizes really good. The gentleman who was the MC did a great job. Martin Pearson is a wonderful performer and never fails to deliver.  Overall a wonderful night with great people.

James McMaster, UQ Sci-Fi & Fantasy Society President

This was the second year I attended An Evening in Middle Earth and it really is a great night out! Everyone is very friendly and the atmosphere is fantastic! The raffles and door prizes add great excitement to the night and the magnificent cakes are always good to see. The option of booking a whole table makes it a very group friendly event, last year I attended with a large group of people and we got a whole table to ourselves.

I highly recommend this event for any fan of Tolkien, as it’s always nice to talk with people who share your interests.

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