Mission statement

Company Overview

THE FORTINBRAS PROUDFOOT ESQUIRE FOUNDATION is a registered non-profit company which is the fundraising arm of the Brisbane Tolkien Fellowship.

We are an incorporated non-profit organization supporting charities engaged in literacy/education areas. We hold themed events and fund raising drives with communities to encourage the exploration of fantasy and mythology through study, literature, art, music and film.


To continue the tradition of educating people about Tolkien’s stories and to share knowledge and wonderful collectibles with a wider world audience.
• To meet people with similar interests and to develop relationships.
• To create social events to bring people together with friends and family.
• To create events where people can share, knowledge, skills and ideas.

The Brisbane Tolkien Fellowship’s Goal

To create a greater awareness and appreciation of all J.R.R. Tolkien’s works and all that is associated with his world.

• To support the development of children’s education through literacy

• To support literacy initiatives and programs assisting children and adults;

• To contact agencies and groups currently engaged in programs supporting literacy programs

• To form a core group to promote fundraising events

The Brisbane Tolkien Fellowship was established in 2012. It was formed by Tolkien enthusiasts who were formerly members of the now defunct Brisbane Tolkien Appreciation Association.