A Visit to The Hobbit Hole: A Hobbit’s Kitchen

A Hobbit’s Kitchen:

You are now invited to make your way to the Kitchen which you enter through a round doorway from the Living Room.


Into the Kitchen


There are so many items in the kitchen it is hard to imagine that anything has been over looked.

The floor of the room is made of stone tiles and there are three cupboards which are full of china plates, jugs, pots, cups, pans and food.

On one cupboard are canisters labelled with sugar, coffee and tea. On its shelf you notice jam tarts in a tray. Next to them are a rolling pin and a board with partly rolled dough on it and also you see jars of pickled onions.




On other cupboard shelves are small cakes, bread, carrots and broccoli.

Hanging on the walls are cooking utensils and cups. From the cupboards hang strings of sausages, onions and garlic.

Under the round window on a wooden bench, is a white ceramic tub for washing up dishes.  A hand pump brings water to the tub.

In a couple of corners are a bucket, stool, a broom and what looks like an old butter churn.

Against the wall opposite the door is an oven lined by bricks. On the oven are copper pots in one of which appears to be a stew with vegetables in it. On the shalf above are a set of weight scales, an iron and a clock among other items.


Oven and stove


In the middle of the Kitchen are a table and two benches. The table is set out for a meal with plates and cutlery for two people. The meal appears to be meat pie and vegetables, ready to eat.



Also on the table are a candle, drinking cups, wine glasses, a bottle of wine, a cork screw, a pot with cutlery in it, a bowl with a lid, a bowl of fruit, a plate of small cakes, a meringue pie, bread, cheese and a jar of jam.



Plenty of food for hungry Hobbits….and wait until you see the Pantry; more food, lots more food.

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