A Visit to The Hobbit Hole: Bilbo’s Front Yard.

A walk through Bilbo’s front yard:

You arrive at Bag End’s front gate which has a rural wicker fence on either side of it. On the gate, a well known sign is attached, “No Admittance except on party business.” But as you have been invited to visit, you open the gate and walk in.

Front gate

From the gate, stone steps lead up to a stone terrace in front of the front door; that now famous front door. Shaped like a large port hole, all painted bright green with a shiny brass door knob right in the middle. The door is surrounded by a ring of neat bricks as are the two round windows on either side of the door. Above the door is a light which is glowing to welcome you.

Front door

Standing on the little terrace in front of the door you see that the immediate area in front of the door is surrounded by a climbing vine and small plants all covered in yellow,white and mauve flowers. Beside the steps you have just ascended, sunflowers, exotic grasses and small shrubs grow.

From here you observe that a small stone pathway runs along the top of the terrace in front of the home and it leads to a small garden. In the far corner of the yard on the lower level is a small tree and shrub. Walking along the little pathway you pass more flowering plants and vines. Halfway along the path is a large round window and a glimpse inside reveals what appears to be a living/dining room.Window

The path takes you to a small vegetable garden surrounded by a wicker fence similar to the one at the gate. In the garden are growing, lettuces, cauliflower and lettuces.  Beside the garden is a log with an axe embedded in it, which is probably used for splitting firewood into smaller pieces.Garden

Strolling back to the front door you become more amazed by the manicured green grass all around and the well-tended plants and flowers that adorn the yard and exterior of Bag End.

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