A Visit to The Hobbit Hole: The Bag End Living Room.

The Bag End Living Room:

As you step into the Living Room you realise you are surrounded by many familiar items, replicas from the Fellowship of the Rings Movie.

Directly ahead is an impressive, brown, wooden framed fireplace and on the mantelpiece above are a number of items, including, a clock (yes, Hobbits had clocks-P27, The Hobbit), books, parchments, a pipe, a pot plant, a lamp,  a small chest and a small bronze statue of Frodo and Sam.

Living Room

On the floor nearby is a basket of wood, a sunflower in a pot, a coal bucket and a small rack containing, a shovel, poker and other fireplace implements.

On the wall above the fireplace are two gold framed pictures of Bilbo’s parents, Belladonna Took and Bungo Baggins.

Under the window to your left is a table.  The table and all the items on it are a recreation of the one that Gandalf looks at in the movie, right down to miniature of Thror’s wooden framed map which Gandalf picks up and examines.

Thror's map


The floor of the Living Room is made of polished timber boards. The rug on the floor is similar to the one seen in the movie, almost an exact replica.

Left of the fireplace is a wooden stand full of books and a few other items. To the right of the fireplace is a writing desk with drawers in it. On it is an ink well with a feather quill in it and a number of hand written papers. The most recognisable item on the desk is Bilbo’s Journal with its red leather cover on which is stamped in gold a star and the letters ‘BB’.

Living room 2


In the left corner nearest to you is another small desk on which is an ink pot and quill, books, a mug, a note book and some drawings which are replicas of Professor Tolkien’s own, including Bag End and Durin’s Door.

Hanging on the wall above this desk is a replica of Bilbo’s sword, ‘Sting’ and beside it is a picture of Frodo Baggins. Either side is a picture of Bilbo Baggins and a wall clock.



A small cabinet sits in the corner to your right and on it is a bowl of fruit, a silver tea service, a candle, a small pot plant, a music stand, and more papers.  Above, hanging on the wall, are two framed pictures; the Baggins Family Tree and a map of Eriardor. There is also a small shelf with books and a vase on it.


All the maps, drawings and docunemts you see in the living room are based on real Middle-earth items and are printed on ‘aged’ paper. The scrolls all have writing printed on them in Bilbo’s hand writing or Elvish. The tiny quills in the ink pots are real feathers. The rug on the floor was handmade and painted by Maddie, as was Thror’s Map.

The doorway on your right leads to the kitchen, but you are invited to view other rooms of Bag End first, because we want to save the best for last. So make your way back to the Entrance Hall and from there I will take you to a Hobbit’s Bathroom.

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