A Visit to The Hobbit Hole: The Entrance Hall.

The Entrance Hall:

Your stroll around the garden has brought you back to the green front door. You are invited inside and you are all reminded, as you enter Bag End, to remember the doorways are low and you will have to duck as you walk through them.

Front Door

Opening the door, you step into the Entrance Hall and observe brown terracotta tiles beneath your feet, timber framed round doors to your left and right and the walls all around appear to be white plaster.

Above, a beautiful chandelier hangs from a timber beam. Be careful you don’t bump your head on the chandelier; it is a bit low for big folk.

To the immediate left of the door is a small chest of drawers on top of which are a pipe and a brass candle stick holder with a white candle in it. Above is a small shelf with a couple of small bottles on it. Next to the chest of drawers is a rack with umbrellas and a walking stick in it. On the wall above is a large metal hook with a set of brass keys hanging from it, most likely including the front door key.


On the wall to the right of the door is a wall rack with pegs, and on the pegs are leather bags and a Hobbit jacket with a hood.  Beneath the rack is a large wooden chest and on opening it, you see it contains an array of garden tools, shears, etc.  Above the rack is a shelf with books, a pewter plate and a green bottle on it.

entry rack


The wall opposite the front door has a small round window in it on the right and a shelf to the left (The Hobbit Hole has lots of shelves throughout). On the shelf are a small statue of Gandalf on Shadowfax, a flower vase with a sunflower in it and more books (there are also lots of books in Bag End, lots of books).

Beneath the shelf in the corner, is a round table, very similar to the one Professor Tolkien drew in his picture of the entrance hall all those years ago. On the table there are a decorated pot with a plant in it, a wooden bowl, a candelabra, a book and rolled parchments.

round table


On the floor near the table is a black carry case, a pot with firewood in it and another wooden chest with metal handles. In the right corner is a small rectangular table. On it are two small pots, one with a small plant in it, a glass top lamp which is glowing, a book and some more rolled parchments.  On the floor beside the table is a large pot containing a white flower.

r table

Before you leave the Entrance Hall you have one last look around and notice a couple of lights attached to the wall. Ah! Everything is so as you imagined it.

You are next invited to take the doorway to your left, which leads into the Bag End Living Room. Oops! You were told to be careful of that chandelier. Never mind… the chandelier is fine.


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