A Visit to The Hobbit Hole: A Hobbit’s Pantry

 A Hobbit’s Pantry.

A small door in the kitchen leads to A Hobbit’s Treasure Trove, a Pantry full of food.

Stepping into the pantry is stepping into a gastronomic delight. There is food all around of many different varieties that would keep any Hobbit and his guests satisfied for a long time.

To your immediate right is a dresser of shelves and drawers. On the shelves are bowls, bottles, plates and cups. There are some bottles of milk in a small carry crate and a delicious looking cake with cream in the middle and a strawberry jelly topping full of different fruits.



The two shelves on the wall immediately in front of you have a number of jars full of different vegetables and fruits. 

In the middle of the wall is a lovely round stained glass window similar to others throughout the house.

To its left is another set of wall shelves full of small bottles, bowls of fruits and vegetables and on the top shelf are bottles of spices.



At the far end of the pantry is a cupboard with framed glass doors. In the cupboard are containers and more food. Two mugs, a small bottle, a canister, a jar of vegetables and a bowl of nuts are on top of the cupboard.


pantry cupboard


On the wall to your left are three long shelves full of a wonderful variety of foods. On the top shelf are some very delicious looking tarts and pies; a jam tart, a caramel tart, lemon meringue pie, cherry tart, blueberry tart and an apple tart.

Is this Hobbit expecting a party of visitors?

The second shelf contains seven or eight different varieties of cheeses and a vegetable pie.

The third shelf reveals; loaves of bread, a bowl of apples, a bowl of nuts (with a nutcracker on top), a basket of vegetables and a small bowl of cherries.




Sitting the floor beneath is a box of carrots and cauliflower, a box of mushrooms (Yes, Mushrooms!), a basket of eggs, a can of milk and a bag of sugar.

On the floor on the other side of the pantry is a basket of celery.

But that’s not all! Also there is a rack of wine bottles and a small keg of ale complete with tap. And…beside that is… a barrel of pipeweed. Longbottom Leaf, complete with the original label and leaves of pipeweed.



Yes, the Pantry is a real Hobbit Treasure Trove.

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