A Visit to The Hobbit Hole: A Hobbit’s Bedroom

A Hobbit’s Bedroom

The bedroom is a delightful room full of items and furniture that make it both cosy and welcoming.  The immediate thing you notice is the comfortable bed with the beautiful patch work quilt and matching pillow on it.


Nearby is a fireplace with decorated panels on each side. On the opposite wall is a wonderful painting of Rivendell in a decorated golden frame.



Above the bed is a small shelf containing books and a tiny mithril silver castle. Beneath is a bedside table on which is a lamp, a pipe, a candle and a rare treasure, a silver replica of Doors of Durin, the West-door of Moria.

A clock which is finely made of what appears to be marble is on the fireplace mantlepiece. In the corner nearby is a wooden stand on which are rolled parchments and books. To the right, near the bathroom door is a polished wooden duchess that has a large mirror at its centre. On the duchess are ornaments, bottles, a flower vase, books, parchments and a hand mirror and hair brush. A porcelain clock sits on a nearby shelf.



Between the wooden stand and duchess, are a small carry case and a leather-bound chest on the floor. A sewing machine sits on top of the chest and on the floor in front is a sewing box full of coloured cotton reels. You guess, even a bachelor Hobbit requires some basic sewing skills to repair torn clothing and replace missing buttons on his coats.

Next to the bathroom door, on your left is a writing bureau and a small chair. On the bureau are writing quills, ink wells, parchments, books a candle in a golden holder and a small drinking mug. A wardrobe for hanging clothes stands at the end of the bed and on the wall beside it hang two axes, Gimli’s axes.


A flower patterned rug lies on the wooden bedroom floor.

Yes, the bedroom does look very comfy and welcoming.




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