A Short Story of Proudfoot’s Collection:

Proudfoot first found Professor Tolkien’s wonderful world of Middle-earth in 1976.

It began with the finding of the Great Book.

Three were found in a bookstore, hardbacks, newest and treasured of all at that time. Seven, soon there were, great editions and taking pride of place. And nine, soon nine books were gifted to Proudfoot, who above all else desired more.

But they were all of them superseded, for an older book was read. 

During the Eighties, in his quiet Hobbit Home, Proudfoot gathered all the books he could find, to enthrall all others.

And into his collection he poured calendars, posters, books and all the collectibles he found. 

One collection to amaze them all. 

One by one treasures of Middle-earth came to the home of Proudfoot. But there were some which were different. Several additions up to 2000 were books about J.R.R.Tolkien, and, on the Dining Room Wall for all to see, the finest maps of Middle-earth. 

The movies were near, and the desire to collect could not be undone. It was during this time, when all hope had faded of finding new treasures, that Proudfoot started a new quest. And Proudfoot, collector of the great treasures of Middle-earth, was elated. 

The Ring came to Proudfoot, with Arwen’s Pendant and the other Rings of Power, and his heart was full of desire. Now the collection seemed to increase with a will of its own. The Movies captivated Proudfoot to his delight and new collectibles came to his Hobbit Home. 

The Collection became legend. Legend became myth. And for two and a half years, the collection nearly passed out of all knowledge. Until, when chance came, The Hobbit ensnared Proudfoot once more. 

Rare Hobbits came to our Proudfoot, who took them back to his Hobbit Home, across the Encircling Seas, and there they inspired him. The rare Hobbits brought to Proudfoot a new lease of life; and Proudfoot had new ideas in his mind; and in the light of Proudfoot’s home new treasures appeared. 

New collectibles came to the shops of the world. Rumour grew of a shop in the East, with treasures so unreal, and our Proudfoot perceived; it was time to buy once more. This delighted Proudfoot.    

But then something happened that Proudfoot did not expect. He became aware of the most unlikely collectible imaginable. 

A miniature Hobbit Hole, Bag End of The Shire. 

Proudfoot knew the time had come when Hobbits will bring enjoyment to all once more.


Fortinbras Proudfoot Esq. continues the adventure…

“I have been a fan for so long…this Hobbit is so happy to walk down the road which goes on and on.”  



Statues, Chess & Pewter

Statues, Chess & Pewter




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