Hobbit Hole on display at the Logan North Library

The Hobbit Hole-A Miniature Bag End will be displayed at the Logan North Library in August, all Month. It will be displayed during the Library’s Sci-Fi/Fantasy Month. The Fortinbras Proudfoot Esq. Foundation and the Brisbane Tolkien Appreciation Association will be setting up a display for the month. The display will be A History of  The Hobbit. It will include books and collectibles based on The Hobbit.

The Hobbit hole will be the centre piece of the display. A miniature version of Bilbo Baggin’s house, Bag End, it  is displayed on a 116cm x 102cm base covered by a clear Perspex top so that both the outside and  the interior rooms can be viewed –  from the round front door and porthole windows, right down to the Middle-earth maps and the barrel of pipe-weed inside.

Nails and wire make the perfect fence for a vegetable patch. Beads stand in as miniature bottles. Pieces of material have become bathroom towels. Axes hanging on a bedroom wall come courtesy of a Gimli doll. Stones from the garden mark the path leading to the front door. Each room is fully furnished and paintings, portraits, mirrors and clocks adorn the walls. There is even a meal laid out on the kitchen table.

One of the few things you won’t find in the house is little folk with hairy feet, although there is a mini statue of Frodo and Sam on one of the shelves.

This very exciting and beautiful piece of miniature tabletop scenery will enthral model-makers, doll’s house lovers and fans of the Lord of the Rings.

A place for Hobbits to visit: To see more pictures and video of this unique, hand-made, miniature Bag End Hobbit Hole…visit  “Hobbits, the Smallest of People”…on facebook.

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